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Zoe Quinn and her whole manipulative timeline. I hope that everything comes crashing down around her and the people supporting her corruption and use of sex to excel.

Internet Aristocrats Videos on Zoe Quinn:

I hope you blow off in the wind like the garbage you are Zoe.

You Oblivious Blonde Boy (Pyrrha x Jaune Oneshot)


Brushing the caked dirt out from his bangs from his latest clinch to the floor, Jaune Arc whipped up his hair back and brought himself to a stand. As his hand bounced from ground to knee, his opponent spoke.

“You’re still too narrow with your feet.” He turned swiftly before being met with the…

Blake Belladonna, Battle Born

An AMV of Blake Belladonna from RWBY set to Five Finger Death Punch’s song “Battle Born”. Its my first shot at a true AMV using my Mac’s iMovie and it still has some bugs to it but I believe its a good first attempt. x3

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